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Brought to you by Cheryl Hansen, who has more than 30 years of experience helping buyers find their dream homes in the Lake Geneva area.







  highest property values

  5,262 acre lake

  crystal-clear water

  access to Lake Geneva

  less money for a larger lot

  quieter on holiday weekends

  access to Lake Geneva

   maintenance-free living

   boat slip or valet service

   less money for more frontage

   less money for a larger lot

   more intimate; serene

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Keep in mind that the most desirable Lake Geneva homes are usually "sold" off-the-market and passed down within families from generation-to-generation. On the rare occasion when these gems do become available at a reasonable price, Cheryl Hansen's clients are usually the first to know, sometimes even before the listing appears on the MLS.


Clients value Cheryl's free buyer-agent services, because she provides:


  • Customized, Hotline Listings: You'll find out immediately when a new listing meets your criteria, which is important since many of the best-priced and desirable properties sell within a few days.


  • Pre-Screening:  If you live far away, Cheryl will pre-screen properties, often saving you a trip when a property turns out to have detracting issues not immediately apparent from the listing sheet.


  • Remarkably Candid Advice:  All resort-area properties look great in Spring, but Cheryl will warn you if the home which interests you may suffer from lake weeds in August, or from fertilizer seepage from a nearby farm.  She'll tell you if the lakefront that appears peaceful and clean in May is actually noisy and muddy on Summer weekends. This candor will help you find the property that's truly right for you -- and will be a refreshing change from other (Seller) real estate agents you may have dealt with.


  • Negotiating Expertise:  A buyer agent represents the buyer. Period. Cheryl has over 30 years experience helping buyers get their best price on their dream home.


  • Patience:  A Lake Geneva home is an important lifestyle and investment decision. Take your time.  Cheryl has happily screened listings for buyers for up to 10 years before they made their purchase.  Cheryl will be happy to work with you too.



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